Straight Talk Bring Your Own Verizon Phone Option

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    Straight Talk, one of the top MVNO in the US and uses T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint networks is rumored to add a new BYOP option for their customers soon. The company is said to launch its "Bring Your Own Verizon Phone" option on March 26, according to Straight Talk representatives in their Facebook page. It seems that the planned launch has been delayed, until now their "Bring Your Own Verizon Phone" option has not been announced yet. The option will be available for customers over Straight Talk's $45 unlimited plan.
    So how will a Straight Talk "Bring Your Own Verizon Phone" work?

    The plan will allow customers to bring their old non-LTE Verizon phones like the Motorola Droid X2 and iPhone 4S to Straight Talk and activate in their $45 unlimited plan. The plan includes unlimited call, unlimited text and data. Although there is a 2GB data cap per month on the plan, $45 for unlimited everything on the Verizon network is a very good price.

    Additionally, customers will also get the benefits of America’s largest and most reliable wireless network on a much cheaper price. Verizon charges $70/month for its own unlimited talk, text and 2 GB data prepaid plan.

    Net 10 customers will be happy to know that Straight Talk's sister brand NET10 will also be launching their very own CDMA Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) option according to posts by a NET10 representative on the official NET10 Wireless Forums, but no word as to when this will happen.

    What are your thoughts with Straight Talks "Bring Your Own Verizon Phone"? Let us know below.

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