Simple Trick To Save On Your Straight Talk Refill

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    Are you using Straight Talk and paying $45 per month for unlimited plan? What if I tell you, you can get that same service for less than $45 per month? Yes, you read it right. With this guide you will only pay around $30 per month for the $45 Straight Talk plan and sometimes even less.

    I found out about this a year ago. With the current state of the economy in the US, I know I needed to save. The first thing that came into my mind is to reduce my expenses with my phone bills so I gave up my contract and went with a prepaid provider. I decided to go with Straight Talk because of their affordable rates. It was great at first, paying $45 per month compared to $70 per month that I was paying with a contract, but I still needed to reduce my expenses without changing plans. I did not want to give up unlimited voice, text and data, and go with a pay as you go plan. So I did some researching and found out a simple way to refill the $45 plan for less.

    This is very simple but not many people are aware of this. I found out on eBay that there are people selling refill cards for less than the regular price. Some are for auction and others you can buy immediately. Some auction starts at $0.99 for the $45 plan and if you get lucky you can have it for a very low price. You can also buy the $45 plan for $30 more or less, there was even a time where I bought one for $25. Another refill is the $135 unlimited plan for 3 months and you can buy it for around $110, you divide that by 3 months and that’s $36 per month. All you need to do is search on eBay for “Straight Talk Refill” or “Straight Talk Top Up”, buy it and pay with PayPal. Below are screenshot images as proof.

    With this, you can save around $10 to $20 per month on your Straight Talk refill. It’s not that big, but in a year I have saved almost $200. It helped me a lot and the extra money I save with my monthly refill I use for more important things like food and clothing.



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