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    Net10 Wireless had just launched their Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) website and is now live at The website will allow customers to activate their CDMA or GSM phone. It was first announced last week on Straight Talk's Facebook page that they will allow customers to bring their own Verizon phone, but their site is still not live today.

    An official Straight Talk representative confirmed to me that they will have their CDMA BYOP soon saying: "Straight Talk will soon include Verizon CDMA phones in its Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program. Customers will be able to bring a certified Verizon CDMA phone to Straight Talk and use its service. Date of release is not yet verified but it will be soon. Stay tuned for further updates."

    The Net10 BYOP site lets customers order a GSM SIM, activate GSM service, or register a Verizon CDMA phone on its $50 unlimited plan and $65 unlimited international plan. There's a form you have to fill out to check if your phone is compatible with their CDMA BYOP. It asks for the phone's MEID or serial number, brand, model, whether it's currently active on Verizon and your zip code.

    The page notes: "Important: In order for this process to be successful, you must have a Verizon compatible phone that has never been activated outside of their network. This program will not work with 4G LTE technology phones even if they are compatible with Verizon. This program is also not available for Blackberries or branded Straight Talk, TracFone, Safe Link, Net10 Wireless, and Telcel America phones."

    Several users from HowardForums reported having successfully activated their Verizon phones. Including a user who activated his iPhone 4 and was charged for $14.99 ($16.03 including tax). Also, another user with an iPhone that was previously used on PagePlus has successfully activated it on Net10. It seems NET10's requirement that a phone must never be activated outside Verizon's network to be able to use on Net10 is not an issue for other Verizon MVNOs for now.

    Additionally, NET10 sister brand TelcelAmerica's combined CDMA and GSM BYOP site is now live at With Net10 and its sister brand going live, I suspect to see Straight Talk's BYOP site going live soon.

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